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Any company’s backbone is its public relations and so the role of media is of high significance. Our Media and PR services include media & reputation audit, media relations, editorial services, CSR Campaign, Crisis Management etc. Be it any activity related to making your brand visible to the customers through the media, we have all the skills and knowledge to work with that. When it comes to Public Relations, it’s all about influential efforts by the company to attract clients towards the brand. We help you in getting that customer attention.

Public Relations and media go hand in hand. We strongly believe in the power of ideas and innovation as great media ideas help create and distribute content in a great way. Your objective might be to increase brand visibility among the target audience, generate interest amongst consumers or even increase awareness.

We offer an integrated approach which makes it convenient for you to plan, implement and measure your media spend across multiple platforms and target segments.

What is the Fee Structures

At WCMIM, we recognise that long-term relationships are earned, not locked in by contracts. Therefore, we have two options as Project and Retainer.

We offer the following fee structures:

Where your project involves a discrete set of tasks, we will scope the project and provide you with a fixed-fee quotation for the delivery of those activities. When WCMIM quotes on a project basis, our fees are calculated at a reduced rate, depending on project size and complexity.

After WCMIM has delivered work for a client on a project basis, we may recommend a monthly retainer package to provide you with the best outcomes and value on an ongoing basis.

Retainers can be calculated in two ways:

  1. A fixed, monthly fee to deliver recurring activities.
  2. A set number of consulting hours each month.

Retainer rates are generally 10% to 20% cheaper than other arrangements, depending on the length of the engagement.